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I've Been Adopted
Casey Casey is the littermate to Electra. Four puppies were left on the porch of a woman in the Pinehurst area. She called Animal Control who took them to the shelter. The animal control officer saw a great deal of herding behavior by the puppies when at play. Two of the puppies were adopted out of the shelter, and Casey and Electra were picked up Friday the 13 (March) by their foster mom. Casey adapted immediately to the new situations he faced.

A few days after picking them up, they were out at the agility field where everyone was setting up new fencing. It was love at first sight between Casey and his new Mom. He has adjusted well to his new family, made friends with their current dog, and has already been to his first puppy class where he was a star!

I've Been Adopted
Max Max was rescued from a NC shelter. At this writing he is about 4 to 5 months old. Since we have had he has proved himself to be a sweet pup. He gets along well with other dogs and likes my cat. He loves people but needs a little time to get to know you and then it is fine. He is now going with me to flyball practice on a weekly basis and is getting to meet new people and their dogs. He has shown no aggression or fear. Have no idea about children yet.

Max is very smart. He is very high energy. He picks things up easily and learns quickly. He is totally crate trained and will whine to get out to pottie, the louder he gets, the more he needs to go outside. Now he will put himself to bed around 8 or 9 and he is down for the night. He will ask to go out sometime early morning, after he does his business he will go back to bed. Now I am still giving him a few kibble as reward for his good behavior. He knows the words "go to bed" must be accompanied by a bit of kibble which puts him in his crate. He also eats in his crate and is not permitted out until everyone is finished, otherwise he would try to clean everyone's dish.

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