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I've Been Adopted

Buster was discovered on the streets of Mt. Airy, NC with blood crusted, dirty ears, one ear split into thirds, and a urinary issue which was solved by antibiotics and neutering.  He was rescued by Paws4Mayberry and could easily have fit the names Barney, Opie or Gomer, but wound up called Buster. (Well, we can still call him “Uncle Bee!”)

In the beginning, Buster was tired and weak, skeletal and raggedy. His housemate, Socks, a crazy young Border Collie foster dog, pestered the heck out of him. Finally, Buster gave in and went out to play. Now, fully nourished and full of energy, Buster play fights, shares a tug, growls, barks and pounces like a champ. He walks well on leash, knows no commands except for Come!, and has never had an accident in the house.

Somebody owned and cared for this dog. He doesn't flinch at a raised hand but will back off from nudging, when told, "That'll do!" Buster loves his people. When I took his two housemates out for a walk and left him home to convalesce, he pulled a picket off the gate and joined us before we made the corner. Followed us right on home after that.

Buster doesn't fetch or catch a ball, but he will accompany Socks in pursuit of a tossed toy, barking and bouncing all the way. Then he'll follow Socks back to me for the requisite "Good Dog" and neck rubs. He is interested in the resident kittens but, once he corners them, he just stares in fascination. He happily greets men, women, and children at the door. He sleeps on the floor beside my bed and appears, all four ears pricked forward, to say Good Morning, the minute he hears the radio alarm.

I've Been Adopted
Sally Headshot

Socks was a handsome vagabond, way out east in Washington, NC, who was taken in by a well meaning resident there. He dug under and climbed over the resident's fence and remained a stray until a Border Collie lover coaxed him into a loop leash with high value treats. He was taken to the Beaufort County shelter (which has tops on its kennels) for safekeeping and stray hold. CBCR was notified and we arranged to have him brought into CBCR rescue and foster in Pittsboro NC.

Socks is a playful puppy, always up for a gamble. He is also very attached to his people, which might explain his strong drive to escape an enclosure and be with whoever he has connected with.

Socks has no herding instinct, but he loves to pounce after a squeaky toy and bring it back and, reluctantly, Drop It! He will be very happy in a family with children and sporting cats. He has bonded with the kittens in his foster home to the point where they sleep side by side and play off and on all through the day.

Socks is house trained, up to date on immunizations, neutered, and familiar with the command "Sit." He is ready to go to his forever home.

CBCR Foster Failure Cody - Adopted in January 2016

Everyone, please meet Cody, who is loved by all! Cody's owner passed away and the widow was exhausted and in poor health with no one to help her with this beautiful boy. To make matters worse, Cody, who is 9 and loves to play fetch and catch and frisbee, had a limp that was becoming increasingly painful. His vet could find no definitive cause and the owner's widow surrendered the ailing dog to the county shelter. Shelter staff saw him for the jewel that he is and called CBCR. He was out of there in a heartbeat, carefully evaluated by vets and placed in a loving temporary foster home and in his regular foster home - now his forever home - before Christmas. Unfortunately, vets found his lameness was caused by a large malignant tumor behind his shoulder blade. The tumor (and the damaged leg) are gone now and Cody is pain free, happy, and eager to run and play with his favorite toys. He has been a star patient at the clinics, simply adores all the vets and vet techs (those sweet young things who are absolute pushovers for petting and treats). He's received financial help and moral support from his many friends. Cody's rescue has been a true team effort! We don't know what his future holds (no more than we know our own....) but for now, he's livin' the dream! Thanks again to CBCR and to all who have helped give Cody a great "rest of his life!"

-Jan Daugherty (Cody's Mom)


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