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It's Spring - which means it is time to start gardening

We have all been told that a Border Collie needs a job, and if they don't have one they will find one. Here are some of the jobs they may find to do when you are gardening.

CBCR Alum Friday helps by pushing the wheelbarrow with the tools and plants.

Friday and JackCat with the wheelbarrow
"I was doing just fine until JackCat decided he wanted a ride."

CBCR Alum Kimbo says "I am an expert pruner".

Kimbo with stick

CBCR Alum Coco helps by digging holes for flowers.

Coco digging

If you are planting trees, CBCR Alum Toby will dig you a bigger hole.

Toby digging
"How big do you want this hole?"

CBCR Alum TJ will make sure the plants are well watered.

TJ with watering can

Once you are done, you have the perfect background for photos.

Cody with flowers CBCR Foster Cody

Ruby with flowers Ruby

Trigger with flowers Trigger

I've Been Adopted
Kimbo head shot Kimbo is a lover! He loves to lay on the couch cuddling his people. His favorite thing is scooting right up, putting his head on a pillow and falling asleep with his paw in my hand. If he can't be snuggling he is also perfect in his crate or chewing a bone on the floor.

This guy would make an amazing hiking buddy. He has enough get up and go to keep up with an active lifestyle, but is not hyper. The fun loving, high energy dog out on the trail almost seems like a different dog from the sweet, calm, cuddly boy inside. The occasional quiet or rainy day doesn't bother him, either; a little bit of rolling around with his squeaky toy and he's back to cuddling.

I've Been Adopted
Ava head shot Ava is a beautiful, petite, split faced Border Collie with a charming under-bite that makes her look as if she’s smiling all the time and makes everyone she meets smile too. She came to us from a high-kill shelter in NC where she was admitted as a stray just days before Christmas. It was discovered that she was microchipped, but when the shelter contacted the owner, they were told that she had been given away to someone else. She was not reclaimed. A team of volunteers from various rescue organizations helped us spring Ava from the shelter in time for Christmas. She has won over the hearts of every person she has met along the way with her gentle, sweet and loving personality.

When found, Ava was covered in fleas and she has some dermatitis that is likely related to that, but that is healing nicely now that she is free of fleas, is clean, and has a healthy diet. She tolerates an occasional bath with poise. Ava is extremely well behaved, is completely housebroken, and gets along with her foster family’s exuberant and overly playful Labrador Retriever mix female. Mostly the lab wants to play and Ava wants to herd. Ava obliges her in chase, but with a Border Collie stare, stature and bossiness that says "This is not chase. I’m herding you, Lab." So, Ava appears to have the Border Collie genes, but she also has a very nice "off switch" and loves to snuggle on the couch equally as much or maybe even more than being in action. I have not tested her with children, but she is so gentle and loving with people that she should be fine with older children.

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