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I've Been Adopted
Abby Abby is a sweet, kind, very submissive Border Collie mix. She does really well with other dogs. We're not sure how she does with cats. She watches them go by out the front door, and doesn't bark at them, but we don't know how she would do up close. She is house broken and cries or paces when she needs to go out.

She pulls a little when we first hook her up to a leash for a walk, but calms down once we get going. Sometimes she pulls or lunges when she gets frightened by noises or people. When a stranger approaches, she will pull away from them and is very shy. We are working on her social skills by taking here her downtown with us to meet people and occasionally taking her to Lowes.

I've Been Adopted
Pete Pete is a very handsome Border Collie that just wants to hang around with you inside the house. He likes to lay with you first, up close to your head and then he will lie at your feet...or on the floor, underneath the ceiling fan. He prefers a cool spot. He is just an easy going companion, not your typical Border Collie. He really is a bit of a couch potato! He prefers to be inside, even if you are outside.

While he gets along with the dogs at his foster home, he really doesn't pay them any attention. If you are looking for a companion for a dog you already own, Pete is not the right dog. He also is not big on playing with toys. Pete knows "sit" and walks well on a leash. He is also crate trained.

Happy Tail

Sometimes a dog tells you "THIS IS MY NEW FAMILY".

Trevor neeting his new family Upon first meeting Trevor

We are so excited to have Trevor as a part of our family. He has been such an expression of love at our house. He is smart and full of energy, which works perfectly for the days he plays with our two young boys in the backyard. We were so surprised at how well house trained he was at 4 months and how quickly and eagerly he learns new commands. He has become my little shadow and follows me all over the house as I cook or clean. I look forward to the end of the day when we go on our walks. I am so thankful to both Teresa for all the care and love she showed Trevor before he joined our family, and to Carolina Border Collie Rescue for giving us the opportunity to be a part of Trevor's life.

Trevor with his new family Trevor and his wonderful family

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