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Max head shot Max was rescued along with his sister Annabelle who is also listed on the CBCR site. Max is approximately 10 to 12 week old Border Collie mix. He is a very sweet and affectionate puppy. He loves to be held, fall asleep on your lap and give many kisses.

Max gets along well with other dogs, wants to plays tug, fetch and chase. Max is also very smart. He has already started to come to his name and is doing well with house training. He is also doing well with crate training. He goes right into his kennel with a small treat and will sleep all night.

I've Been Adopted
Shyr head shot This is one terrific dog! Shyr is a 5 year old rough coat Border Collie. He's purebred and registered. He lived the good life until recently when his owner suffered a broken neck in an accident. The owner is recovering, but for now, life is on hold and he's unable to give Shyr the attention he deserves. He's asked CBCR for help in finding a new loving home for this lovely dog.

Shyr is sweet, smart, affectionate and well behaved. He is happy and playful, but also has an off switch (unless you are holding a ball...). He LOVES to play fetch, but will 'go lie down' when asked. He is good on a leash, in the car, in a crate, with the vet and he always behaves well in the house. Don't let his short coat fool you - he's a beautiful long haired dog (see the 'before' picture), but was recently shaved because the owner couldn't manage grooming. This leads to games of 'guess the breed' when he goes on his daily walks around town. Shyr is good with other dogs, was fine with the foster's young grandchildren the couple of times they've come over. In fact, he particularly loved the two year old who thinks fetch is the funniest game ever. Shyr didn't mind that the ball only went a couple of feet when she threw it. That was fine with him.

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