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23rd Annual dog Olympics

Dog Olympics 2014

Were you able to make it out to CBCR North Carolina State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine's 23nd Annual Dog Olympics? If not, you missed meeting Nick, one of CBCR's newest foster dogs.

I've Been Adopted
Scamp head shot Scamp is the sweetest senior boy! Rather gorgeous too, although he was recently given a 'buzz cut' for summer and will look even better in a few months with the return of his long, thick, wavy coat. He is a big gentle teddy bear and you just have to hug him! Scamp was much loved by his elderly owners, but they had to leave their home and are no longer healthy enough to care for him. They sadly took him to the county shelter where he would certainly have been killed. Since he is such a wonderful dog, a caring shelter worker offered to contact CBCR to help find him a new home where he will continue to be cherished. He is a youthful 14 and has spent his whole life outdoors with a pond to cool him off in summer, a barn to keep him warm in winter, and joy rides in the back of a pickup. Now, since his people are gone, his world has been turned upside down and though he's adjusting quickly, he was very sad and confused the first few days. No pond, no barn, no truck, all strange people - and he is learning to live indoors, though he still prefers to be out most of the time. He has decided he does, after all, love going for walks on a leash and is beginning to realize he can choose to come inside and be part of the family.

Scamp is easygoing with other dogs and seems a little afraid of cats. According to his former owners, he is good with children. He is a mellow and affectionate boy. Scamp was recently neutered. He is now completely housetrained, doing all his "business" outside. He is exceptionally healthy for an older dog with no noticeable signs of arthritis. He has healthy coat, eyes, ears and teeth. He's heartworm negative and up to date on shots. He was given a good dental cleaning a few days ago.

I've Been Adopted
Bosco head shot Bosco (formerly Gus) is an 8 week old Border Collie Mix, he was found as a stray in Mount Arie, NC by Becca. Becca and a friend were trying to rescue some baby skunks - the mother skunk was killed - when they came across Bosco. They temporarily named him Skunk. Bosco is too cute to be called Skunk long term. Becca has several dogs of her own and could not keep him long. She contacted CBCR to see if we would foster him and find him a good home.

Bosco weighed only 5 lbs when we took him in 2 weeks ago (6/28). We took him to the vet the same day. He was in general good health, he only had a few ticks and pin worms. Bosco has been treated for worms and has had his second round of shots. Bosco is now in excellent health and close to 10 lbs and growing.

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