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I've Been Adopted

Willow was rescued from an extremely full shelter in Eastern NC. When Willow came into this shelter she was severely abused and had an embedded collar. The embedded collar had to be surgically removed and left her with a large open wound on her neck. Carolina Border Collie Rescue then stepped in to rescue this little girl and she went to a great foster home for some TLC and good vet care. After being in foster for several days, Willow became suddenly extremely ill with an upper respiratory virus. She had a dangerously high fever, terrible cough, nasal congestion, and was very dehydrated. She was rushed to an emergency vet clinic in hopes to stabilize her condition. While there the vets on staff discovered she had an unidentifiable respiratory virus that had turned into pneumonia but luckily it had been caught early enough that she would survive. Willow stayed at the emergency vet clinic for 5 days and was then sent home to continue her antibiotics and to get lots of rest and love.

Since then, Willow has fully recovered and received a clean bill of health! She is very playful, she loves to run and wrestle with her foster sister. Willow walks well on a leash, is potty trained, and is crate trained (she sleeps in her crate all night without a peep). She is very smart and has already learned "Sit", "Down", and "Come". Willow loves to eat, making her easy to train, and can be found lounging on the cool tile floor with a yummy antler to chew. Willow is an extremely happy dog now, she loves to cuddle and will climb into your lap for a pet or kiss. She loves to chase balls and Frisbees at the dog park. Willow loves other dogs and humans of all sizes. She even does well with small children! She has not had much exposure to cats, but has been known to chase outdoor cats.

Willow still has lots of puppy energy which can get her into trouble. She needs a good walk or dog park trip daily to burn off her energy. She is still learning that she can't chew shoes or pillows but she is very smart and will happily accept a bone or antler instead of a bad chew toy. She has a very quirky personality, she loves to lean on and rub her body against things like walls, chairs, and furniture. When she runs, she will click her paws together in a quick jump/hop. Willow also thinks she can talk, she will make all kinds of hilarious noises to get your attention. She is a very joyful puppy who is very entertaining to have around.

Willow had a very hard life before CBCR and has survived huge obstacles. All she wants is a family/person to love her unconditionally!

I've Been Adopted
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Maggie is a 2 year old border collie/ Australian shepherd mix and as precious as she can be.

She's house trained, has overall good manners and easy going. She likes to run and play rough with other dogs but is very calm inside. She prefers to just curl up in a ball by your feet. Maggie was rescued from a shelter but shows all signs that she was once very loved and cared for. She is good with all dogs and cats but she has a strong prey drive and will go after small animals if they run from her. Ones that stand up to her are quickly respected.

She takes her job as guard dog very serious. She is sometimes going overboard with her barking and alerting her foster siblings who happily chime in. Maggie is eager to learn and does so very, very quickly. She's a lot of fun to train. She's beautiful on the inside as on the outside and will make someone a great companion.

New Upcoming Event - Chow down, lap it up, and save a pup!

Join CBCR on Sunday, February 21st, 2016 from 11am-4pm at Darryl's Wood Fired Grill in Greensboro, NC! 10% of lunch proceeds will be donated to CBCR to help with some of our ill/injured foster dogs. We hope to see everyone there!

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