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NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine Open House
Saturday, March 28, 2015
9am - 3pm

CBCR table

CBCR will once again have a table at the NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine's Open House. The open house is a great family event where you can gain an insider's view into one of the nation's top veterinary programs. There will also be a number of demonstrations and interesting talks.

While you are there, be sure to stop by our table and learn how you can help transform a dog by being a safe place for them while they are waiting for their new permanent home.

More information on the open house can be found at the NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine website.

I've Been Adopted
Jake Sassy has come a long way in a short time. She is a very happy, approximately one year old girl. She is still a high drive dog, but she is learning impulse control. She does relax in the house, and freely uses the doggie door. She will play in the house with the other dogs, but will go out when directed to do so. She has not shown any destructive tendencies when alone or had problems with house training. She gets along well with other dogs, including a 4 month old sheltie puppy I added to the household last week. I have not seen any aggressive tendencies towards people or other dogs. Although her dog play can be a bit rough to my way of thinking, the young dogs think it is great. In spite of her energy level, she is a very soft dog., and corrects with a voice command. She does tend to bark especially when crated in the car (I crate all my dogs for travel) and someone approaches the car, or when someone comes to the door. I have had her at agility events, and the crowds, children, other dogs, don't bother her, although she thinks it would be fun to join a barking dog in the ring.

She is an excellent hiking companion. Although she ranges pretty far ahead, she has an excellent recall, and keeps track of her people even when out of sight, and checks in regularly. She has not had any problems meeting people or dogs on the trail, although I do leash everyone when approaching another dog. She also loves to swim.

I've Been Adopted
Macon Macon has used his time in rescue with CBCR remarkably well. He had a rough start as a puppy, purchased to work cattle but initiated prematurely on a large, intimidating breed of livestock. Disappointed in his performance, Macon’s owner consigned him to a barren life in solitary, just when a young dog should be exposed to a variety of experiences.

Macon came to CBCR terrified of men, shy around people in general, and unschooled in niceties with other dogs. He huddled in a corner or in his crate in his first foster home, frightened of the man of the house.

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